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Co-Scholastic Programme

New Oxford School gives strong emphasis on co-scholastic activities.These activities are planned to develop strength, confidence, time management, control, balance, leadership etc. Every student is encouraged to join atleast activity. Our PE teachers are young and dynamic and provide coaching for basketball, volleyball, throwball, football etc..


Swimming builds endurance, tones muscles and keeps the heart rate up. At New oxford, students are provided with a spacious pool under the guidance of our experienced coaches for a marvellous acquatic journey


Basketball is a great way to get exercise, coordination, flexibility and endurance. The school provides a well equipped court for students with proper coaching.

Basket Ball Court 2
art education

Art education refers to education in the disciplines of dance, music and visual arts like drawing, painting and sculpture. At New Oxford, students are appreciated to nurture their skills in art and craft, Bharatanatyam etc..


Skating is an excellent way for kids to get exercise. It is also a fun activity it makes the kids active and improves balance, coordination and health. The School provides atmost care with experienced coaches.


Cricket has a vital role to play in the education of young students. It is a powerful component of learning with educational and social benefits by promoting engagement, teamwork, fairplay, competition and discipline. At New oxford, students are trained of high quality.


Football is the most popular sport every child likes. Playing football helps improve the students fine motor skills, balance, flexibility and coordination. The School provides children with guided tutoring.

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